Everclear On "Frustrated" Van Morrison Cover

Everclear will issue the first half of its double-album set, "Songs From An American Movie, Volume I - Learning How To Smile," on July 11, and the band has just headed back into the studio to record the follow-up, subtitled "Volume II - Good Time For A Bad Attitude.

The group has already released an Art Alexakis-directed video for "Wonderful," the first single from the "Learning How To Smile" LP, which also features a rousing update of Van Morrison's 1967 classic, "Brown Eyed Girl.

MTV News sat down with Everclear prior to the group's performance at last weekend's KROQ Weenie Roast in Anaheim, California, and Alexakis talked about the decision to include the cover song on the new album.

[article id="1443780"]"It fit the record,"[/article] Alexakis said. [article id="1443780"]"The record dictated that it needed that song. I've always loved to sing ['Brown Eyed Girl']. It's one of the first songs that I started singing when I

was a younger man, learning how to sing.

I was a frustrated guitar player who was sick of guys who just sang,"[/article] he added. [article id="1443780"]"Hated 'em, 'cause they'd tell me to write more linear songs, and I had no idea what the hell that meant.

So it wasn't written in the cosmos, then?"[/article] prodded bassist Craig Montoya. [article id="1443780"]"God didn't tell you to do it? It wasn't written in the stars? We just did it?

Because it felt good," [RealVideo][/article] Alexakis affirmed.

Everclear's "Wonderful" is currently the number five song on Alternative radio, according to the newest "R&R" charts.