'Doctor Strange' Might Gender-Swap A Key Role And We Can't Friggin' Wait

Seriously, who saw this coming?

Have you always wanted Tilda Swinton to show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe one day? Of course you have. Everyone has. Such is the way of the universe -- deep down, we all want more Tilda in our lives. A ton of Tilda, even.

Well, you might be getting your wish, maybe! And even better, you'll get to see her go cheekbone to alien cheekbone with the lead of the upcoming "Doctor Strange" movie, Benedict Cumberbatch.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel is currently looking to cast "the Ancient One," a Tibetan mystic who acts as Stephen Strange's mentor and who is training new students in the hopes of finding the next Sorcerer Supreme.



No no, the SORCERER Supreme. Anyway, traditionally the Ancient One (also known as Yao) has always been drawn kinda like this:

Marvel Comics


But evidently the studio has "rethought the role" and is now looking to cast the Ancient One as a female part. Enter Tilda Swinton, who's currently in talks to fill the position.

Swinton, as you might remember, has experience taking over a role that's technically supposed to be for a male actor -- in the DC Comics movie "Constantine, she played the angel Gabriel, who is technically genderless but presents as male. It was pretty dang great.

Warner Bros.


Given her ethereal weirdness and intensity as an actor, she'd probably be super amazing at playing a mysterious mystic. Although, shouldn't they probably be casting an Asian actress if the characters supposed to be from Tibet? I mean, gender-swapping a powerful Marvel character is amazing news, but if they're also whitewashing one of the few Asian characters (even though he's admittedly a pretty tired Fu Manchu stereotype in practice) in the Marvel Universe, doesn't that kind of open up a whole new can of worms?

What do you think, Marvelites? Are you excited by this news?