‘Happy Sad Confused,’ With Dane DeHaan

DeHaan talks ‘A Cure for Wellness,’ ‘Chronicle,’ and ‘Valerian’

If you’ve seen Dane DeHaan’s work, you might think he’s a tortured, angst-ridden teenager, prone to moodiness and ripping a school bully’s teeth out (OK, that only happened in Chronicle, the movie that launched his big-screen career).

The reality is that DeHaan is on a pretty even keel and, yes, a fully functioning, well-adjusted adult. He’s 31, happily married (to actress Anna Wood), and expecting his first child this year, all while juggling leading roles in two major films.

The first of these, A Cure for Wellness (opening this week), puts DeHaan through the paces (if you fear the dentist, drowning, or car crashes, you’ve been warned). On this episode of “Happy Sad Confused,” DeHaan reveals that he’s been through worse — namely, almost getting his head cracked open on the set of Chronicle.

But enough about near-death experiences. This conversation is filled with fun, from the actor geeking out about his forthcoming sci-fi film, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, to what his profile would look like (spoiler: do NOT touch his feet).

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