If Swae Lee Made A ShamWow Competitor, Would You Buy It?

His 'Someone Said' video is proof that he knows what to put on TV

Ask anyone who's up around 3 a.m. and turns on the TV: There's never anything good to watch on — unless you're into those hour-long advertisements for overpriced products that you can't find in stores. Swae Lee's new video for "Someone Said," a song built around his famous lyric from Travis Scott and Drake's 2018 collaboration, "Sicko Mode," pays homage to these cringeworthy clips, picturing Swae as the ultimate salesman who can make an ad for just about everything.

He also stars in his own shows here too. Maybe what he really needs is his own channel. SwaeTV has a nice ring to it.

Aside from us, the viewers, Swae's audience is a woman who sits on her couch, tired, looking for something to watch when she has nothing to do. So she tunes into Swae's channel where he's attempting to sell her his products. First, it's for a collection of his Swae Sync boy band's music. He's the frontman of the group — let's call him Justin TimberSwae. He's every bit as charming and inventive with his moves as the real Man of the Woods.

Sold on that? No? That's OK, because Swae has more to show you. For the right price, you can be in for the tan of a lifetime at SwaeSpa for just three easy payments of $19.99, which is actually a really good price. After a brief ad for a horny hotline, Swae then shows you how to properly clean up spills — and glistening booties — with his absorbent towel, the SwaeWow. This guy can literally do anything.

Soon after his ads come previews for his TV shows. He serves as pastor T.D. Swae in a glorious church setting, celebrating the gift of life while getting donations. Then when he takes off the pastor's suit, he puts on a judge's robes and is Judge Swae Brown who presides over a courtroom. These two original programs have some legs and could actually be entertaining forms of content. But, alas, it's just a music video, so these cool ideas are probably going to stay here.

We're definitely here for more SwaeTV in the near future, though.

While we wait to see if that ever comes into play, we're on the lookout for new music from Swae to come soon. He revealed last year that he's going to be dropping a project this year, and along with the recent release of "Back 2 Back Maybach," it looks like this could very well be a reality.

Check out Swae's "Someone Said" video up above.

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