The World Needs More Campaigns Like Lane Bryant's #ImNoAngel Ads

When your feed inevitably turns into #ImNoAngel selfies, know that it's not another meme stemming from Beyonce's self-titled album. The phrase, which isn't super far off from #IWokeUpLIkeThis, instead belongs to Lane Bryant, one of the biggest retailers at the forefront of changing the curvy fashion game.

Lane Bryant


Celebrating the beauty of every body, regardless of size, the hashtag refers to women who don't find a perfect fit in Victoria's Secret's offerings. Considering the average American women is a size 14, that's a lot more people than you'd assume based on the scarcity of decent curvy offerings out there. Lane Bryant, however, is trying to fill the void, especially when it comes to lingerie—an even harder to find category for voluptuous women. #ImNoAngel promotes the brand's inclusive lingerie line, Cacique.

Lane Bryant


Along with encouraging women to share their selfies with #ImNoAngel written in lipstick across the mirror, the brand is rolling out a set of gorgeous images of women flaunting their natural beauty.

Lane Bryant


Shot by Cass Bird, the ads depicting models in covetable lingerie star Ashley Graham, Marquita Pring, Candice Huffine, Victoria Lee, Justine Legault and Elly Mayday.

Lane Bryant


They'll be rolled out in glossy fashion publications like T, Paper, and British Vogue which is a huge win for women everywhere.

Lane Bryant


Even better, the #ImNoAngel campaign refuses to use the word plus-size anywhere in the ads—because they're aware, like the rest of the world should be, that every size is beautiful. Amen.

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