Weezer, Gideon Yago, But No Gossip On Buddyhead Compilation

Mudhoney, Iggy Pop, Wire, Le Tigre also on collection due September 30.

Weezer, Mudhoney and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are among the artists contributing music to a compilation album assembled by the folks at rumor mill/ record label Buddyhead.

The 18-song Gimme Skelter: A Buddyhead Compilation, due September 30, consists of previously unreleased songs, according to a Nettwerk Records spokesperson.

Tracks from grunge ancestors Mudhoney, Brooklyn rockers the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Philadelphia's Burning Brides and feminist punks Le Tigre are all exclusive to the album, while Wire's "Spent" has been given a new mix and Primal Scream's "Shot Speed" and "Kill Light" are concert cuts. Weezer's "Superfriend" was meant to be a B-side and was recorded around the same time as 1996's Pinkerton.

Music from the Icarus Line, Radio Vago and Your Enemies Friends -- Buddyhead Records recording artists all -- will also be included.

In addition to the music, spoken-word interludes from Iggy Pop and MTV News' Gideon Yago, among others, are dispersed among the tracks.

California artist Raymond Pettibon -- responsible for classic album covers such as Black Flag's Slip It In (1984), the Minutemen's What Makes a Man Start Fires? (1983) and, most recently, the Foo Fighters' One by One -- will create the artwork.

Gimme Skelter track listing, according to Nettwerk Records:

  • The Icarus Line - "Losing Touch With My Mind"
  • Mudhoney - "Hard on for War"
  • Dead Meadow - "Let's Jump In"
  • Beehive & the Barracudas - "Up in Flames"
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Shot Down"
  • Pleasure Forever - TBA
  • Wire - "Spent" (new mix)
  • Primal Scream - "Shoot Speed"/"Kill Light" (live)
  • Your Enemies Friends - "Business French Kiss"
  • The Explosion - TBA
  • Cave-In - "Harmless, Armless"
  • Burning Brides - "Overhead Metal Erection"
  • Starvations - "Last Night I Had a Nightmare We Got Married"
  • Soul She Said - "Spanish Eyes"
  • Lionfever - "Watch Out for Spiders"
  • Radio Vago - "Intro"
  • Le Tigre - TBA
  • Weezer - "Superfriend"
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