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Kim Kardashian Has Gained 15 Pregnancy Pounds… In Her Boobs

'My boobs are huge,' Kim said.

Another day, another Kim Kardashian pregnancy rumor.

Outlets have been reporting that Kim and husband Kanye West underwent an IVF gender-selection process, only having "boy embryos implanted." Kim, who is expecting a baby boy in December, had one thing to say about that story: "False."

"It came from a tabloid and I'm grateful to just be pregnant," Kim told the "Today" show. "And we would be happy with a boy or a girl."

This is one of many rumors Kim has had to shut down regarding her pregnancy. A few weeks ago it was reported that she was having twins and before that she shot down the story that she had a surrogate.

Despite the tabloid fodder, Kim is feeling good, saying that it's been a "little bit easier" than when she was pregnant with North.

'It's definitely a different pregnancy. I really wanted to be pregnant, and it's the anticipation of trying," she told the Daily Mail. "I feel that this is really a miracle because I didn't think it would happen for me because I had a tough delivery that created some complications. So I'm just really grateful to be pregnant, and we're just really happy that so far everything is really healthy, and we're just really excited."

And while she's still barely showing, Kim, who said they "might try" for baby number three, said that she has gained 15 pounds in her pregnancy, but it's mostly all in her boobs.

"I've gained like 15 pounds already, almost," she said. "It's gone everywhere; it's in my boobs right now, my boobs are huge."