Watch Kesha Help A Lesbian Couple Tie The Knot In ‘I Need A Woman’ Video

Her gender-swapped Janis Joplin cover gets a super touching video

Kesha, a longtime LGBTQ rights advocate, is continuing to champion the community in unexpected and awesome ways. The Rainbow singer appears on Universal Love — a new EP comprised of reimagined wedding songs — with her queer-inclusive spin on Janis Joplin’s “I Need a Man to Love” (retitled “I Need a Woman to Love”). And in the track’s brand new video, Kesha takes things one step further by officiating a same-sex wedding in the rowdiest wedding capital of the world: Las Vegas.

In the tearjerking video — directed by Kesha’s brother, Lagan Sebert — the singer ventures to Sin City in a baby blue convertible, where she presides over the very colorful nuptials of Dani and Lindsay. “This will be my third same-sex marriage,” Kesha says in the video. “Just gonna assume this goes according to plan.”

Fittingly, Dani and Lindsay tied the knot on March 26: the anniversary of the first same-sex marriage license issued in the United States. The clip splices Kesha channeling her inner Joplin as she belts, “I need a woman to love me,” with emotional interviews from the couple about what their big day means to them. Pro tip: watch with a box of tissues on hand.

In a short video posted to Twitter, Kesha explained why helping Dani and Lindsay tie the knot was a “no-brainer.” She said, “I’ve always been an advocate for equal rights. It’s an issue that is so close to my heart. It is something that is a part of my family, it’s a part of my friends, it’s a part of me.” Universal love, indeed.