Kanye West Shares 'God-Level Fashion' Tips In 'GQ'

He's all about layers and single colors.

Kanye West is officially a fashion god. The almighty title has been confirmed by GQ. On the magazine's August cover, Kanye strikes a pose next to the caption: "Kanye West tells us how to grow up, survive a wedding, stay outrageous, and dress like a god." Seriously, no one gets better magazine taglines than Kanye.



But it should have also said "Kanye West: Layering God" because Yeezy really dials up his minimal aesthetic in his editorial spread, demonstrating to mere mortals just how layering is done. Kanye's always been a lyrical master, piling double-entendres atop dense beats, but now he's applying that sonic approach to his wardrobe, doubling up on sweaters and jackets.

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The overall spread focuses on "head-to-toe ensembles that riff on a single color"—Kanye takes his minimal monochromatic style to new heights. A wardrobe, according to Kanye, is not about the quantity of your clothes, it's "about a few favorites." One of his faves? The Airport Sweater from his A.P.C. collection, natch. He's also partial to white Kanye jeans from the same collection—hey, if you have your own collection, you'd be missing a major opportunity if you didn't wear your own designs in GQ, right?

'GQ' Magazine

Kanye West

This being a Kanye fashion shoot, there's obviously a leather jogging pant included. Kanye styles his pair for colder days with a Bottega Veneta sweater coat, a Calvin Klein Collection sweater, and a sweatshirt. He obviously feels strongly about layers—he explains that you can wear them anywhere, but, more important, they can express a feeling or emotion. I have a feeling (heh, get it?) that I'd be hot in that many layers, but maybe if I follow Kanye's lead I'll transcend temperature and just look really effortless. Cool, even.

You can check out photos from the shoot and the full article on GQ’s website. Now, get layering, y'all.

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