Dear Harry Styles, At This Point, Why Even Wear A Shirt?

Your shirts are so sheer anyway...just sayin'.

Dear Harry,

It's me, Maeve. You know, your #1 fan? I know you're busy on tour—which, BTW, I'm for sure going to hit up when you're in New York in August, so keep your eyes peeled, please—but I just have a quick, um, point to address with you. I saw a photo on Twitter, and well, the shirt you wore on stage in Osaka last night was entirely sheer. Like, so sheer I can see that giant moth tattoo across your stomach. So sheer I can see that leaf tattoo across your hip. So sheer I can see one-quarter of your nipples and—real talk—I'm not mad at any of that.

Here's the thing: At this point, why even wear a shirt, JW? I understand that the floral shirt is a ~look~. It was probably expensive, and you made a point to pack it and haul it all the way to Japan with you,'s time to stop teasing and just give the people what they want. It's time to ditch that flimsy piece of fabric, and just do it UP.

It's hot up on stage—you're running up that ramp, singing, lights are shining on you, etc. I know that. I get it. So, what's one way to cool down? Throw your long locks in a bun, for starters. And then? Ditch the shirt. Just...don't even bring it on stage. Bye, sucker.

So, Harry, I know this may be blunt, but it's the logical next step because, well, the tops you wear barely qualify as "shirts," anyway.

Thanks for your consideration—I'll see you in August. When it's stiflingly hot. :)


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