Things Get Weird In One Direction's New Fragrance Ad

As we all know by now, One Direction has a new fragrance coming out. Last week, Niall debuted the You & I bottle, but if you're anything like me, you were wondering what the other four dudes looked like with it in their hands. Well, we now have our answer. A video of the guys was released today and it provides some deep insight into their backstage antics involving the bottle and, TBH, they're pretty bizarre.


After squeezing in some shut eye, talking on the phone, and having his face rubbed repeatedly by a brush, Louis receives the bottle.

He is in awe and holds it up to the light to inspect it closer. He approves and hands it off to...


Mr. Styles is the first to spray the scent backstage. His target? A man's beard. The guy doesn't stop eating, so I assume it tastes OK.

It should be noted that while backstage, Harry not only wears his hair in a tiny bun, but also chills in the gray sweater from the "You & I" video. Once Harry is finished spraying it, the bottle makes its way to...


Niall manages to scooter while holding the bottle, which takes a lot of hand-eye coordination and balance. He even throws in a fancy scooter trick before sending it to...


We can't overlook the fact that Liam sits in the backseat of a car alone wearing headphones to highlight that this bottle comes with a ring. Whaaaat? Jewelry and fragrance in one? One Direction, you get me. Liam pockets the ring and sends the bottle to its final destination with...


While backstage, Zayn seems to stand around with a stuffed bunny rabbit in hand at all times. He then spritzes the bunny with You & I, which means that bunny smells good (like that man's beard).

Zayn likes the bunny so much now that he brings it in close and smiles. He like this bunny a lot, especially now that it smells good.

The video doesn't reveal anything in terms of release date, but it does give us a great idea of what it's really like backstage at a 1D concert and, LBR, it's not what you would expect. You can watch the full video below.

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