Zayn Malik Supported Gigi Hadid At NYFW, Like All Good Boyfriends Should

Oh, and he’s looking fine as hell

If you've felt like Zayn Malik has been absent from your life and Instagram feed for far too long, it's time to throw your tear-soaked tissues away — he has emerged at New York Fashion Week to remind us just how much we've missed him.

Zayn has a habit of resurfacing at Fashion Week events after being MIA, which is exactly what he did last night when he attended Tom Ford. You may notice Gigi Hadid is absent from this photo — she was inside, getting ready to walk the show.

Getty Images

Zayn Malik

If you're wondering how Zayn looks so good in that turtleneck-suit combo, it's because he's experienced — the pairing was a go-to of his circa 2013. Ah, the golden years.

There are no photos from inside the show available (yet!), which means we haven't been able to see proof of Zayn gazing lovingly upon his girlfriend as she showed off Tom Ford's wares, but we can all imagine. Can and will.

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