Watch 'Internet Trolls: The Musical' And Never Leave A Mean Comment Again

Hey internet trolls -- this is what you look like to the rest of us.

"Big, black holes instead of souls."

Yep, that basically describes every hateful Tweeter hiding behind an egg icon, misogynist Anita Sarkeesian stalker, and obsessive reddit board troll that we know. It's also a line from this hilarious "Internet Trolls - The Halloween Musical" by YouTubers AVbyte, who take down everyone from the vile creatures who participated in the recent celebrity nude photo thefts to those who leave mean comments on memorial Facebook pages.

"Or say we invoke a fappening/Before people know what's happening/We're gorging on all the lust and shame/Most anything's fair game," the trolls sing. Sadly, the whole #GamerGate business was left out, but we still give them mad props for taking these creatures down a peg:

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