5SOS Talk Nude Videos, Whiskey And ‘A Little Destructive’ Taylor Swift

5SOS didn't hold back with Howard Stern.

5 Seconds of Summer just got real.

The band, whose second album, Sounds Good Feels Good, is currently sitting at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart, didn't hold back during their candid interview with Howard Stern.

The guys -- Calum, Luke, Michael and Ashton -- talked music, relationships, Calum's nude photo and whether or not they would date Taylor Swift. Here are 8 things we learned about 5SOS during their most revealing interview yet.

No drinking and performing.

5SOS might always be up for a good time, but they keep the partying to a minimum when it comes to performing for their fans.

"I had a beer once before I went onstage. I played the worst drums I've ever played," Ashton said. "I just can't do it."

Calum's reaction to his nude photo: 'F--k.'

Back in 2014 a nude Snapchat video of Calum hit the internet, and while he said he was just a "teenage kid learning from his mistakes," it doesn't mean it didn't suck.

"I remember I was flying to Chicago and I went on Twitter and I saw that, and I was like, 'f--k.' Nothing else can come out that's worse," he said, before adding he couldn't remember who he sent the video to. "I'm still a pretty naive dude, all the girl attention was new."

No one is going solo.


There's no need for anyone in the band to venture out on their own, since they all have "creative freedom in the band," and that's pretty evident on their album.

"Me [Ashton] and Luke wrote the last song on the album. It's called 'Carry On,' and it sounds like it's just a choir, and Calum and Mike, they accepted that, and they were like, 'let's end the album on a big choir vocal,' and that's not normal."

Whiskey and Whitesnake Wednesdays.

Every Wednesday night on tour, the band drink whiskey and listen to '80s rock band Whitesnake. Why Whitesnake? Because they are "the sh--."

Taylor Swift is 'a little destructive.'


The band have hung out with Taylor before at one of her star-studded parties, where Michael attempted to chat her up while drunk. But what if the opportunity arose to date Taylor, whom Howard said would be the "perfect catch for a musician" because they both write music?

"She feels a little destructive to me," Ashton said. "I think it's interesting, I think it's cool, she's a deep thinker. She has a lot of songs about some messed up relationships. I think some good songs would come out of it."

Relationships are hard.

It's not easy to date when you're part of the #1 band in the world, and on the road for the majority of the year, which is something Ashton has learned firsthand. The drummer was rumored to be dating model Bryana Holly, but "it just didn't work out."

"She's Kinda Hot" was Ashton's song.

Michael admitted that the lead single off Sounds Good Feels Good was supposed to be a solo track just for Ashton.

They live out of their suitcases.

The foursome admit that they live in and out of hotels and haven't "unpacked in three years." Michael revealed that in addition to the clothes he brings on the road, he's lugging around his comic books in his carry on bag.

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