Lo Bosworth Gets Book Advice From Lauren Conrad For 'The Lo-Down'

'Writing a book about relationships was a natural next step for me,' the 'Hills' alum tells MTV News.

Lo Bosworth is bringing out her inner Carrie Bradshaw for her new book. In "The Lo-Down," out now, the [article id="1643746"]former "Hills" star[/article] doles out advice about dating, and she admits that her opinions in the book aren't much different from the ones she shared on the small screen.

"For me, on the show, I always found myself giving advice to my girlfriends and mostly advice about the men in all of our lives," she told MTV News. "So writing a book about relationships was a natural next step for me. Writing the book and writing about my experience has been almost cathartic in a way, and it really feels like when you wake up with your girlfriends after a great night out and you talk about the night before and about all these guys. It's really conversational. There's good tips. It's a fun read."

Bosworth took all her past boy experience and channeled it into the book, but it was one particular relationship that left her with her best piece of advice. "I wrote the book coming off a pretty bad breakup, and I realized the most important relationship lesson I've learned so far is first, you have to believe in who you really are ... and you can't compromise who that person is. That's what the book is really about," she explained. "Get out there and live your life! Do something for yourself!"

While cameras are no longer catching her words of wisdom, Bosworth said some of her "Hills" pals have checked out the book. "Lauren [Conrad] has read it and Stephanie [Pratt] has peeked through it," she said. "And they're really excited!"

Conrad, of course, has [article id="1649464"]several books of her own[/article] on the market, and Bosworth took her friend's advice when it came to promoting the book.

"[Lauren] gave me a lot of advice -- not necessarily about writing the book, but we have talked a lot about going on a book tour, and I was really anxious to go on a book tour," she said, adding that she was afraid the book might not be successful. "She said to me, 'You really almost have to have an alter ego. You have to be excited. You have to walk in the room confidently with a smile on your face and you can't show how nervous you are. ... What you put out there, it comes back.' [My alter ego is] just really happy and excited, because I get nervous a lot. I'm a little more shy than meets the eye."

What other "Hills" alum do you hope will come out with a book? Share your ideas in the comments!

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