Did Lady Gaga Spark EDM Explosion?

'I was just one of a few artists at a certain sort of time in radio where more dance music was being played on top 40,' she tells MTV News.

Lady Gaga burst on the scene in 2008 declaring that the world should "Just Dance." From there, everyone kind of did.

A few years back, the pop star was one of the few singers infusing mainstream pop records with electronic dance music influences. In the years since her breakthrough, Gaga's use of the musical form has certainly gotten darker and more in-depth, especially on 2011's Born This Way.

These days, she's hardly in the minority. EDM is all over pop and urban radio. Performers like Rihanna, Usher, Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj are working with some of the top EDM producers and DJs in the game, some of whom MTV has recognized as the Best EDM Artists of 2011, churning out chart-topping, genre-busting tunes.

When MTV News caught up with the Mother Monster earlier this month in L.A., she weighed in on 2011's EDM/pop explosion, noting that she was hardly the main factor in the recent blast of crossover hits.

"I think that radio has had the biggest influence on the rise of electronic dance music," she said. "I was just one of a few artists at a certain sort of time in radio where more dance music was being played on top 40, but I'm not the person to thank for that. The people to thank for that are at KIIS-FM and at the other stations around the country who gave dance music a chance."

Not only is radio taking note, but also the whole music industry. Just last month, EDM star [article id="1675223"]Skrillex was nominated for a Best New Artist[/article] Grammy, the first DJ recognized in that category ever. Gaga thinks there's still room for growth.

"I think we have some more work to do, especially with the different academies that honor music," she said. "I think that dance music should also be credited as pop music where it's due and vice versa, the way that country and pop is, the way that R&B and pop are. So we still have a ways to go, but it's moving in a wonderfully fast and interesting direction."

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