Can We Guess Your Favorite Christmas Movie Based On Your Zodiac Sign? [Quiz]

There is no possible way we could ever get this wrong.

Last Saturday (Dec. 12), we held a public vote for everyone to weigh in on what their favorite Christmas movie of all time was. Unsurprisingly, "Home Alone" won, narrowly beating "Elf."

But those two films aren't everyone's favorite Christmas flick. We decided to see if we could accurately guess your fave Christmas movie by simply knowing your zodiac sign. Can it be done? (Special thanks to Astrology Zodiac Signs for providing us with the low-down on each star sign.)

Here's what you do:

1. Scroll down until you find your zodiac sign, which corresponds with your birthday.

2. Click on the card to reveal your favorite Christmas movie.

3. Read our explanation and be amazed at how accurate we are.

4. Thank us in the comments for actually guessing correctly — because we already know we got this in the bag.

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