Orioles, Chiffons On WQED's 'Doo Wop 51'

Tymes, Crystals also on Pittsburgh PBS station show, which will air nationally in December.

The successful "Doo Wop 50" television special produced by Pittsburgh PBS station WQED will be followed by a national broadcast in December of a new special, "Doo Wop 51," as well as a 13-episode doo-wop series, according to the station.

"People are wanting this music, and no one's giving it to them," WQED Director of Promotions John Seekings said. "For lots of people, it's the music they grew up with, and they love to hear it."

Last year's "Doo Wop 50" concert special broke PBS records, raising $22 million in station pledge drives.

The show's success prompted the station to organize three more nights of shows last May in Pittsburgh. Twenty-eight doo-wop groups, all different from last year's, were reunited, including the Orioles, the Chiffons, the Tymes and the Crystals.

"Doo Wop 51" aired last week in Pittsburgh for a pledge drive.

Meanwhile, T.J. Lubinsky, who produced both shows, is working with Warner Bros. division Rhino Entertainment to create more doo-wop programming, including a series of 13 one-hour specials, according to Seekings.

Lubinsky is the grandson of Savoy Records founder Herman Lubinsky. The label, after moving from jazz to R&B in the 1950s, had acts such as Little Esther Phillips, the Robins and Johnny Otis on its roster.

Rhino Records has been equally avid in reviving doo-wop music. The label released Doo Wop III, its third doo-wop box set, on Aug. 1. The 101-song collection includes such classics as the Drifters' "There Goes My Baby" (RealAudio excerpt) and the Platters' "The Magic Touch" (RealAudio excerpt), as well as a disc of doo-wop-influenced music, such as the Beach Boys' "Barbara Ann" and Boyz II Men's cover of "In the Still of the Night."

The label also will release the video of "Doo Wop 50," on two VHS cassettes Sept. 12 and on a single DVD on Sept. 26.

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