Coldplay Cruise Through Mexico City On Trick Bikes In ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ Video

Chris Martin doesn’t flail around so much in this video, but it’s heartwarming all the same

Coldplay have released a new video for the title track of their latest album, last December’s A Head Full of Dreams, and it’s a wild ride that puts a spin on your typical commute.

In the clip, Coldplay roll through the streets of Mexico City on bikes straight out of the X Games before arriving at Foro Sol for their show. They don’t ditch the bikes until they’re literally onstage, and the spirited ride leads to them facing a sold-out crowd with raised arms (and a sea of lit-up phones).

Coldplay broke a record with this performance for attendance by drawing nearly 68,000 people to the stadium for their gig, so to see it relived in such a warm, cheerful way tugs at the feelings a little bit. Marcus Haney — the man behind the lens for “Birds” — directed the visual, which was shot mostly with a Super 8 camera, hence the grainy quality of the shots and the vintage feel.

There’s no flailing limbs from Chris Martin here (that’s his signature move during “A Sky Full of Stars,” especially), just plenty of elated fans matching the enthusiasm of the musicians before them. Even if A Head Full of Dreams does turn out to be their final album, at least they’re going out on a lovey-dovey note.

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