Tal Bachman Reveals His Inspiration For "She's So High"

Jakob Dylan, Rufus Wainwright, Sean Lennon... the ever-growing list of rock musicians' children who are carving out their own solid music careers expands again with the current success of pop singer Tal Bachman, son of Canadian rocker Randy Bachman (the Guess Who, Bachman-Turner Overdrive).

The younger Bachman is taking care of business very nicely these days, as evidenced by his single "She's So High." The song's heavy rotation has been a terrific boost for the singer, who was inspired to write the tune while pursuing a very strange (but special) gift for his stepbrother's birthday.

[article id="1438667"] "I attempted to bribe the hottest girl in our high school to go out on a date with [my stepbrother],"[/article] Bachman told MTV News. [article id="1438667"] "So as the conversation between me and what I thought was this godly, exalted woman progressed, I began to feel more and more uncomfortable and awkward, and so I just remember that feeling...

I don't want to say fear, but just kind of being in awe of her." [RealVideo][/article]

The singer, who had the bad timing to be in Salt Lake City on Wednesday when a deadly tornado touched down just a block from his hotel, is expected to be in Los Angeles on Friday and in Atlanta on Monday for in-store appearances. His self-titled debut album is available now.

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