Simon Pegg Worries He's 'Too Old' For 'The Boys'

Fans of Garth Ennis' violent comic-book series, "The Boys," are well-aware of one principal character's resemblance to Simon Pegg. In fact, series artist Darick Robertson has acknowledged that Scottish-brogue-spewing Hugh "Wee Hughie" Campbell was actually modeled after the "Shaun of the Dead" star. So, perhaps it's no surprise that Adam McKay, reportedly helming the planned film adaptation, would love to see Pegg in the role – assuming the film makes it to the screen.

Speaking to MTV News, Pegg acknowledged his interest in the part – even stating that he's read the script – but worries that he's possibly "too old" to play Wee Hughie.

"I have [read the script], it's really good. I'd love to do it, if it came about," said Pegg. "My fear is that I'm too old to play Wee Hughie, now. But you know, obviously, the character was drawn, at least, around my face."

What a strange situation to have a comic book character drawn in your likeness, only later to receive the offer of playing said character in a film. Too old to play Hughie? Hardly. The role was – quite literally – created for him, and if "The Boys" makes it to production, I'm willing to bet Pegg's on-board.

Of course, whether the film is picked up at all remains to be seen. Back in March, Splash Page reported that Adam McKay ("Anchorman," "The Other Guys") had his sights not only on Pegg, but also Russell Crowe for the lead role of Billy Butcher. McKay also noted the series' intense violence will pose a hurdle to getting the movie produced.

"You really have to wait until the draft is done to get serious about it, plus it's like a $100 million, Rated-R, anti-superhero movie, so we have to see who bites on it," said McKay at the 2011 Comedy Awards.

"The Boys" focuses on a group of CIA agents, tasked with controlling superheroes who have possibly stepped over the line. Of course, the group is also willing to bend the rules – just a tad – to get things done their way.

Can McKay translate "The Boys" to the big screen without sacrificing the source material? Will Pegg play Wee Hughie? Let us know what you think in the comments and Twitter!