Foo Fighters Grohl Says Sampling 'Not My Thing, Man'

Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl has had considerably more time to adjust to the spotlight than his former bandmate Krist Novoselic, who is just now starting to emerge from his post-Nirvana shell.

But Grohl has been at least as slow in other respects.

Although the Foo Fighters -- who kick-off their first U. S. tour with new drummer Taylor Hawkins (Alanis Morissette) on July 3 in Detroit -- started out as a glorified one-man band, Grohl loosened up the reigns during the recording of the Foos' second album, The Colour and the Shape, and, like Novoselic and his new trio, Sweet 75, Grohl told ATN that he's once again excited about being in a band.

"Working as a group in the studio is more of a test," Grohl told Addicted To Noise as he and bassist Nate Mendel paused for a few minutes of quiet reflection.

The hyper pair, who bounced off each other like sugar-bombed teenagers, were in agreement on one thing, their second effort is far superior to the debut. "I think it sounds a thousand times better," Grohl said. "It doesn't sound like a goof in the studio for five days."

Grohl said the prospect of going into the studio with the whole group -- whose membership was temporarily whittled down to three when drummer William Goldsmith departed prior to the album's release -- was exciting and new, even though the band had toured for 18 months following the 1995 release of the self-titled debut album. "We'd toured, but we really grew to know each other as musicians and people in the studio," Mendel said.

As for how the straight-up rock sound of the Foos fits into a world that is allegedly being overtaken by electronica, Grohl waxed poetic on the unlikeliness of a beat-infected Foo Fighters in the future. He did, however, say that he likes "some of that stuff."

"I don't think the electronica revolution's gonna have anything to do with our band," he said with a grin. "I can't really see us jumping into the drum machine, sequencing and sampling trip. It's just not my thing, man."

But, not content to be a complete punk Luddite, Grohl did indicate that the Foos sound might undergo a change sometime in the future. "There's probably a horn section in there next," he said.