Ariana Grande's Blonde Ponytail Is Back — Summer Can Officially Begin

As temperatures climb, it's not unusual to feel the desire lighten your hair, whether that comes from sitting on a beach and letting the sun and sand do their thangs, or you go to a salon to get results, summer is the perfect opportunity to flaunt your newly lightened hair. Ariana Grande knows what I'm talking about—after dyeing her hair brown in December, she's returned to the light-side.

Last night, Ariana shared a photo from the studio—yaaaas—and made sure to confirm in the caption, "yes the blondeee pony is back for a lil i missed it." The black-and-white photo makes it, um, a little hard to totally confirm that, yes, her hair is blonde once again, but we're gonna take her word for it.

In another B&W shot, Ari gives us a closer look and, yeah, it definitely seems like her ponytail is several shades lighter than the rest of her hair. Welcome back, blonde ponytail—we can't wait to see you in your full-color glory soon.

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