Hot Dudes With Dogs Is Your Latest Hot Dude Instagram Obsession

brb just drooling over here.

Okay, this is getting to be too much. If there's anything better than a Hot Dude Reading, it's a hot dude getting cozy with an adorable, lovable dog. It's even better than a hot dude holding a baby, because like who knows who that baby belongs to even, and it's probably going to throw up on the dude or start crying at a moment's notice.

Dogs, though? So. Cute. And no crying.

Thus is the reasoning behind Hot Dudes With Dogs, and yes, you should be following this account immediately. There are SO many canine-themed visual gems just waiting to be discovered. Observe:

Formal Dude With Dog

Because there's a Hot Dude With A Dog for every occasion.

Onesie Dude With Dog

Hi, do you wanna watch Netflix together? I meant the three of us.

Model Dude With Dog

They're both gorgeous, a little fuzzy, and have steely blue eyes, but it's very casual.

Happy Car Dude With Dog

Um, where are you guys going? Missouri? Can I come?

Bedtime Dude With Dog

Pretty sure I just died but can you guys scoot over and make room for me in that bed just in case?

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