Asher Roth Gets Nostalgic In 'Parties At The Disco' Video

His 'Retro Hash' opener gets the visual treatment.

"Parties at the Disco," the opening song from Asher Roth's latest album, Retro Hash, has a bit of a nostalgic feel. And it turns out the video for the song, which dropped on Friday (July 25), follows suit.

The ZZ Ward-assisted track celebrates the simpler times in life, when stress may have come in the form of a homework assignment, or not getting invited to someone's birthday party. "Gotta chill, sit down, remember how to be a child/ Wide eyes with a smile/ What? When? Where? How?," he raps on the first verse.

The video has a similar throwback vibe, with 8mm camera-style shots, and blurry scenes of Ash, ZZ Ward and various landscapes.

Later, he adds a message anyone can get with, so take this one with you into the weekend: "Lose some, you win some, so have fun/ Don't stress, or do flips, just press on."

True, indeed.

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