Kelly Clarkson 'Will Sing Her Butt Off' On New Record, Songwriter Says

'When it comes out, the fans will be happy ... it'll be good times,' Claude Kelly says.

While fans may have to wait until September to hear [artist id="1231768"]Kelly Clarkson[/artist]'s [article id="1660013"]new album[/article], songwriter [article id="1640189"]Claude Kelly[/article] is revealing some details about what fans will hear once the album drops. He recently worked on the album with Clarkson, and while he's not completely sure which tracks will make the final cut, he said that Clarkson will be back bigger and better than ever.

"I'm not surprised 'cause the music industry is full of unexpected things," he said of the delay. "I will say that I'd be willing to bet that the reason it was pushed back was not for anything as horrible or earth-shattering as people think -- it's probably [just] a better setup."

Describing the current pop scene as "congested," Claude Kelly thinks that a slightly delayed release will work in Clarkson's favor. "They want to make sure that the arena is clean for Kelly Clarkson's return, 'cause when she comes back, she always comes back pretty big," he said. "They want to make sure when her first single comes out, there's nothing out there that's competing with it. I don't know for sure, but Kelly always does it big, so when it comes out, the fans will be happy and she'll sing her butt off and it'll be good times."

Kelly and Clarkson have been working on some fun up-tempo tracks for the album. "The songs I did write for her were in true Kelly Clarkson form, singer records that showcase her voice, but also show her edge and her attitude and her personality," he explained. "[It's] always up-tempo for me when it comes to Kelly. I like to hear her in kick-butt mode. She has an edge to her voice that you want to hear her sing high and get in your face."

Over the weekend, Clarkson debuted a ballad titled "Why Don't You Try" at Muhammad Ali's 17th Annual Celebrity Fight Night in Arizona and it definitely displayed big voice. The track is a cover of songwriter Eric Hutchinson's 2009 tune.