Amy Winehouse Family Open To Biopic

Dad Mitch Winehouse reversed course and said he'd consider a movie.

Singer Amy Winehouse had a brief career full of jubilant highs and crushing lows. From Grammy wins and multiplatinum worldwide sales for her breakthrough Back to Black album and recording with [article id="1670703"]Tony Bennett[/article]
 to drug arrests, struggles with substance abuse and her [article id="1667799"]untimely death at age 27[/article]
 as a result of excessive alcohol intake, Winehouse's roller-coaster ride seems primed for the big screen.

After initially rejecting reports that a biopic was in the works and saying that the family would not grant the rights to the "Rehab" singer's music for such a project, a spokesperson for the Winehouses clarified on Tuesday that "[father] Mitch [Winehouse] and the family would entertain ideas perhaps for a film but only one they were sure would tell the truth," according to Entertainment Weekly.

On Monday, Mitch Winehouse told England's Daily Mail that he would not let Amy's music be used in a rumored biopic that is reportedly being shopped and produced by his daughter's boyfriend, Reg Traviss. "It would hardly be a biopic without the music and we'd never allow the songs to be released," Winehouse told the paper.

He also threw cold water on rumors that Lady Gaga could be up for the role of his late daughter. "I never said Lady Gaga will play Amy in film," he tweeted on Monday. In the meantime, Mitch is working on a memoir, "Amy, My Daughter," due out in October. Winehouse's posthumous album, [article id="1673409"]Lioness: Hidden Treasures,[/article]
 debuted at #5 on the Billboard 200 charts this week on sales of nearly 114,000.

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