Harry Styles Literally Screamed When Asked If His New Song Is About Taylor Swift

King of panic and diplomatic answers

It's International Harry Styles Release Day, and to celebrate, Harry sat down with BBC Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw, who proceeded to grill the singer mercilessly about his new songs.

One song in particular caught Grimshaw's attention during the interview. When the lyrics were first revealed, fans speculated that "Two Ghosts" might be about a certain highly visible ex of Harry's, thanks to a line about blue eyes and red lips. Naturally, Grimshaw confronted Harry directly: Is the song about Taylor Swift?

Harry Styles, ever the diplomat, evaded the question and said something vague about how it's about, uh, change and growth and things being different from how they were before. When Grimshaw took that to mean that it's definitely about Taylor, Harry literally screamed.

Poor guy can't even write a song about his mega-celebrity ex-girlfriend without being asked about it on the radio. Hopefully the rest of his album release day goes more peacefully.