Lady Gaga Bends Gender, Minds With VMA Monologue

Gaga's male alter ego Jo Calderone talks at length about his relationship with Mother Monster.

[artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] pulled one from her bag of tricks at Sunday's Video Music Awards when she dressed as her male alter ego [article id="1669240"]Jo Calderone[/article] for her [article id="1669836"]opening performance of "Yoü and I."[/article] But even before her show-stopping number, Gaga, I mean Jo, delivered an eyebrow-raising introductory speech to the star-studded audience.

Decked out in a black blazer and smoking a cigarette, Jo walked onto the stage and offered the MTV audience a startling first live impression, saying, "Hey. My name is Jo Calderone and I was an a--hole. Gaga? Yeah her. Lady Gaga. She left me. She said it always starts out good and then the guys, meaning me, I'm one of the guys, we get crazy. I did. I got crazy, but she's f---ing crazy too, right? I mean, she's f---ing crazy."

Calderone began to divulge details of his relationship with the pop superstar, offering insight into their day-to-day routine. "For example, she gets out of the bed, puts on the heels. She goes into the bathroom. I hear the water go on. She comes out of the bathroom, dripping wet. She still has the heels on," he revealed. "And what's with the hair? At first it was sexy and now I'm just confused."

Gaga's alter ego then admitted that he wasn't only confused with the starlet's image, but also with being compared to the previous men in her life. "She said I'm just like the last one. I'm not like the last one," he insisted. "And I think it's great, you know? I think it's really f---ing great that she's such a star, a big beautiful star in the sky, but how am I supposed to shine? I mean, I think I'd be okay with it, you know, if I felt like she really was being herself with me. And maybe she is. I'm starting to think she is, 'cause when she gets on the stage, she holds nothing back -- that spotlight, that big rounded spotlight follows her everywhere she goes. Sometimes I think it follows her home. I know it does. I got to get in there."

Calderone concluded his almost-four-minute speech with details of their romantic endeavors, saying, "When she f---s, it's like she covers her face 'cause she doesn't want me to see, but she can't stand to have one honest moment where nobody's watching. I want her to be real, but she says, 'Jo, I'm not real. I'm theater and you and I...This is just rehearsal. I got to get in there."

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