Kristen Stewart Is An 'Incredible' Cook, Garrett Hedlund Says

'She's honed it,' he tells MTV News of his 'On the Road' co-star's tortilla soup.

Kristen Stewart loves to cook, and it seems that her co-stars love to try her creations. When MTV News caught up with [article id="1655470"]"Country Strong"[/article] and "On the Road" star Garrett Hedlund, he only had the nicest things to say about Stewart's culinary abilities.

"You got to try the tortilla soup!" he raved. "It's incredible. She's honed it."

Back in October, Stewart opened up about cooking for Hedlund and the rest of the "On the Road" cast, noting that her best dish was the tortilla soup. "I didn't bake; I cooked a lot, though. I was the only girl on set," she said. "I think I can do a really, really good, terrific tortilla soup. That was my 'On the Road' dish."

Stewart has also thrown big bashes for her pals, proving that her cooking goes far beyond just soup. "I get really embarrassed when people ask me what I cook, for some reason," she recalled of a dinner party she threw last year. "I shouldn't say that I cook anymore. There was like a big BBQ situation and, like, a bunch of steaks and veggies, and I made chicken piccata. I'm so embarrassed right now. But I made homemade marinara sauce starting at, like, 2 in the afternoon. It wasn't done until 8. It was incredible. The 'Twilight' cast showed up."

In the past,[article id="1642612"] Taylor Lautner revealed some of Stewart's other delicious dishes[/article]. "Like, OK, you know kumquats?" he asked. "There's apparently a fruit called loquats. Yeah, I didn't know either. And she made a loquat pie."

With all this talk about Stewart's cooking abilities, does Hedlund have any skills in the kitchen? "I'm pretty much a klutz in the kitchen. I go through waves," he said. "Sometimes I just depend on pots and pans and cook up out of convenience, and sometimes I can't even find a fork."

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