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Bring On The Debauchery: MTV Is Ready To Tell The 'Greatest Party Story Ever'

The brand-new program will feature everyday people recounting their most epic tales.

Going out with pals and hitting the town is a fine way to spend your spare time out of school or the office -- but for a select few, this type of scenario pales in comparison to their most unbelievable, wild adventures. And soon enough, these folks will be sharing these once-in-a-lifetime experiences -- with a humorous twist.

MTV's "Greatest Party Story Ever" -- which is set to premiere on January 14 -- will showcase a bunch of real (and hysterical) people telling their top comedic, outrageous tales. But as you can see in the trailer below, instead of these guys and gals recounting the incidents with just their unique take, they will have a bit of assistance: Colorful and diverse animations will accompany the laugh-out-loud memories to give these somewhat naughty stories an extra punch.

And speaking of these recollections -- which range from celebrity encounters to debauchery narratives -- they are great. Really, really great. From one dude divulging that he hooked up with a pal's girlfriend and the guy's mother in the same night (oof!) to another storyteller finding out that his friends urinated on him (can't make this up), there's no shortage of laughs and cringes. The ridiculous evenings depicted in multiple "Hangover" installments ain't got nothing on these anecdotes...

Watch the clip below, be sure to catch the premiere on Thursday, January 14 at 10:30/9:30c (before "Ridiculousness" and after "Broke A$$ Game Show") -- and stay with MTV News for more "Greatest Party Story Ever" coverage!