Britney Spears Has Moved Past Media Scrutiny: The MTV News Quote Of The Day

"I'm past all of that. I try to block it all out and not pay attention to anything they write about me in the magazines or online. I'm done with that. I think it's easier to let people in when you're younger, but when I became a mother I wanted more privacy for myself and my children. A life away from my life."

-Pop superstar Britney Spears, explaining to V magazine how she has moved past the media scrutiny that plagued the middle part of her career. Spears appears on the cover of the publication's new issue (it hit newsstands on Thursday, March 3) and digs deep into her new album and the status of her life at the moment. She has taken a few steps back from the spotlight, but she will continue to deliver to the people who are devoted to her. "I'd miss my fans and all of the love the most, but I definitely would not miss having my picture taken everywhere I go," she says of the possibilities of retiring. "I wouldn't miss showering in arenas either. So gross!"

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Clearly, Spears has re-committed herself to being an artist, and the music is currently driving her like never before. "I like music that makes you move and connects with your soul. I like to feel inspired right away when I listen to new music," she told the magazine. "I always have songs being sent to me from new artists and producers from all over the world, which is really cool. From there I just follow my heart."

(Click here for more photos of Britney Spears' spread in V magazine!)

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