Marvel, Your New 'Spider-Man' Villain Already Exists, And His Name Is Kingpin

It's time for Spider-Man to meet the King.

We finally know who the new Spider-Man is, but what about the new Spider-Man villain? It's likely that we won't know the answer for a little while yet, seeing as Tom Holland's Peter Parker doesn't hit the big time with his own solo movie until 2017.

Here's what we do know: Marvel Studios wants their first "Spider-Man" movie to feature "villains we haven't seen before," according to what Kevin Feige told Birth Movies Death recently. That notion takes folks like Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, the Lizard, Electro, Venom, Sandman and Rhino off the table. It also suggests that Marvel might want to put forth an entirely new character, someone we have not yet seen in live-action.

But there's already a perfect Spider-Man villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, someone who hasn't appeared opposite Spidey in live-action just yet… and that person is none other than birthday boy Vincent D'Onofrio, better known as Wilson Fisk.

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Why is Fisk the perfect "Spider-Man" villain? Let's lay out the argument:

Wilson WHO?

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If you're not familiar with D'Onfrio's scene-stealing menace, then you did not watch "Daredevil" on Netflix. Go fix that now. We'll wait.

Back? Cool! So now you know that Wilson Fisk is an oversized man child with deep pockets and an even deeper sense of duty to New York City, and specifically Hell's Kitchen. He wants to turn the city into a better version of itself, and he'll do that at all costs, even at the expense of his own soul. Right now, Matt Murdock is the main obstacle in his way, but that could change once Spidey enters the MCU…

The King and the Spider

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Fisk and Peter Parker go way back, with the built-like-a-brick-you-know-what-house bad guy first appearing in "The Amazing Spider-Man" #50 in 1967. Although he's thought of as a "Daredevil" villain, traditionally, there's an argument that Fisk is just as much Spider-Man's nemesis. Putting the two of them together would be the realization of a fan fever dream for many "Spider-Man" fans.

He's New-Ish

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Not new to the Marvel Cinematic U, but new to the "Spider-Man" movie lexicon, and that certainly counts with the way Feige described his desire to utilize "villains we haven't seen before." Tossing Kingpin into a Spider-Man movie would be an organic way to use one of the universe's best and most established villains, while keeping a Spidey movie fresh with all-new, all-terrifying blood.

No More Norman

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We've seen the Green Goblin's alter ego on film one (maybe even two) times too many. Time to give OsCorp a rest for a while. That said, it's always fun when super wealthy mischief makers have their eye on both Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Spoilers for "Daredevil" here, but right now, Fisk is behind bars, his reputation in shambles — but a little thing like prison has never kept a big man like Fisk down for too long. By the end of "Daredevil" season two, he could be out and about again, ready to redirect his big city dreams (and nightmares) toward your friendly neighborhood web-head.

A Stark Contrast

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One of the beauties of Sony and Marvel Studios teaming together for the next "Spider-Man" is that we can see some of the greatest heroes and villains of the cohesive MCU swinging into the wall-crawler's new adventure. Popular theories suggest that Tony Stark might have some role to play in the new movie. I'll certainly cosign that wish, and if it comes true, how great would it be to have both Spider-Man and Iron Man in scenes opposite Fisk? Can you imagine one of the heaviest heavies in the MCU going toe-to-toe against Robert Downey Jr. and his signature Stark snark? I can, and it's a beautiful thing.

Kingpin Hates Bullies

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And there are few better bullies than Spider-Man. As heroic as he is for the common person on the street, Spidey tends to rattle his enemies not just with webs and acrobatics, but also with deep-cutting insults and other assorted mockery. If "Daredevil" taught us anything, it's that Wilson Fisk is a hyper-sensitive baby wearing a plus-sized 50-year-old man suit. He's prone to temper tantrums of the emotional and physical variety whenever his buttons are pushed — and Spider-Man sure knows how to push buttons. Fisk's volatility would be at an all-time high if he were to meet Spider-Man.

Caught in the Spider's Net…

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…flix. Putting Kingpin and Spider-Man in the same movie would seemingly make it an appealing prospect for Sony to expand their deal and relationship with Marvel, and allow Peter Parker to appear in the Netflix shows like "Daredevil." Picture a season of one of the street-level Netflix shows with a binge-worthy amount of Peter Parker slugging it out against Kingpin's goons, with the main showdown between the two taking place in the movies. The concept sells itself.

The Goon Squad

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Speaking of Kingpin's goons, some of them could hit the big-time in a "Spider-Man" movie, too. He's a powerhouse on his own, but Fisk rarely does the dirty work on his own unless he has no other choice. Putting a rich son of a gun like Fisk in play opens up the door for hired help to come after Spidey — hired help like, say, a Kraven the Hunter, or Kraven's half-brother Dmitri Smerdyakov, better known as the Chameleon. Just spitballing here, but Kingpin could be a conduit to some other classic Spider-Man rogues we haven't seen on film yet.

The Best of the Best

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From where I'm sitting, D'Onofrio as Fisk is the best Marvel villain in the entire shared universe, with the lone exception of Loki. It's only a matter of time before we find a way to toss him into a proper Marvel movie, and of all the films on the docket, the only one that really makes sense is "Spider-Man." So let's make this happen, Marvel. Pit the Spider against the King, and let's see what kind of madness it brings.

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