Lil Wayne Beats The Bootleggers: 'Tha Carter III: The Leak' Coming On December 18

'I'm starting a new trend,' rapper says of bootleg collection, which will also include four new songs.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Yes, Louisiana, there is a Santa Claus. Yes, California, there is a Santa Claus. It should be a nice Christmas for every Lil Wayne fan, no matter what state they're in: Weezy F. Baby is dropping a solo album this year. On Thursday, Wayne told us exclusively that he is putting out Tha Carter III: The Leak on December 18, with the official Tha Carter III LP to follow around Valentine's Day.

"We got some new news," Weezy said. "[The December 18 release] is gonna be called Tha Carter III, but it's gonna be called The Leak as well because I get leaked so much. My music got leaked this whole year. One thing I noticed, when another person's album gets leaked, it's a whole thing; they're distraught. When my song gets leaked, people call and say, 'It's the greatest song. Can I have it for this album?' Or, 'Can I put it on this soundtrack? Can we get the ringtone?' It's never, 'Damn, dude, your music leaked.' So what we feel, we're gonna give you what you want. We're gonna give you the leak. Every song that was leaked is coming out on December 18 -- and we have four new songs. The song 'Gossip' is gonna be the first single from that album. I'mma shoot the video for that in about a week."

Weezy said records that hit the mixtapes and Internet prematurely, like "Prostitute Flange" and I Feel Like Dying," will definitely be included on The Leak. But the records you hear will be "bionic" versions of the bootlegged songs you're already familiar with.

"I'm a perfectionist," he explained. "I'mma change a couple verses, couple of lines. I ain't gonna change nothing up where it f---s up the song, I'll just make it more complete. There are songs out there that weren't finished; I'll add hooks, third verses. We're working for the fans."

As for his album of new material Carter III, the lyrical dynamo is looking at a tentative target release date of February 12 ([article id="1562581"]see "Lil Wayne Blames Nelly For Tha Carter, Vol. 3's Delay"[/article] and [article id="1544926"]"The Making Of The Best: Lil Wayne Plots His Path To The Top").[/article] Justin Timberlake, Timbaland and Kanye West have all contributed to the official album. Those songs are safe and secure ... for now.

"I can't stop it," Wayne said about his music being bootlegged. "I think there is no stopping it. I'm creating a new thing. When my stuff comes out it's, 'Maaaan, you heard that song?' I'm starting a new trend."

Since Wayne debuted "Gossip" at the BET Hip Hop Awards last week, many people have speculated that the song is a dis record aimed at 50 Cent. Weezy denied it Thursday, but to hear his full explanation, check out Mixtape Monday on October 29. He also talks about his plans for a new version of "Duffle Bag Boy" and why he's not putting out any mixtapes this year.