27 Valuable Life Lessons North West Will Teach Her New Sibling

From ballet to the runway!

North West is going to be a big sister!

Kim Kardashian announced that she was expecting her second child with husband, Kanye West, and while everyone seems to have an opinion on the matter, I have to say, I'm super excited.

Why? Because I can't wait to see baby Nori in action taking care of her baby sister or baby brother. She will probably be helping change diapers, sharing her toys and teaching her/him all the valuable lessons that go along with being a child of arguably the most famous couple in the world.

So what kind of things will she be passing down to the new addition to her family? Well, here are 27 lessons we imagine North will teach her new BFF.

Bath Time

Is the best time.

Take Ballet

Only in Balmain.

Always Accessorize

With butterflies.

Don't Be Afraid Of A Little Face Paint

Because it makes you look extra cute.

Have Playtime With Dad

Because of course.

And Mom

See above.

Get A Lot Of Easter Candy

And please share!

This Is The Only Way To Travel

Never let your feet touch the airport floor.

Comfort Is Key

And no matter what, you will always look adorable.

Have Dad Wrapped Around Your Finger

Not everyone can make him smile.

Learn To Multitask

What other 2-year-old can play piano while practicing ballet?!

Learn To Contour

It's key.

Make Sure Your Bag Is Bigger Than You

There has to be room for diapers, bottles and toys.

Always Look Fabulous


Your Cousins Are Your Besties

And so are your siblings!

Perfect Your Paparazzi Pose

And Your At-Home Pose

You never know.

Make Mom Hand-Painted Gifts

On Hermes!

Always Sit Front Row

Getty Images

North West

Are there any other rows?

And Make Sure Everyone Knows You're There

Getty Images

North West

No matter how you have to do it.

Keep Your Cool Around Your Famous Friends


Nicki Minaj and North West

But, I mean OMG Nicki Minaj.

Naps Are Important...

Don't want to be cranky.

But It's OK To Have A Bad Day

Getty Images

Kim Kardashian Sighting In Paris

I mean, you are a baby.

Don't Steal My Clothes

Getty Images

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - February 11, 2015

Just ask to borrow them because they are fabulous.

Have The Biggest First Birthday Party

But not bigger than mine.

Make Your Modeling Debut

In Chanel, of course.

And Get Your Very Own Spread In Vogue.

Clothing is up to Mom and Dad.