Woody From 'Suite Life' Claims He And Addison ‘Were The Hottest Couple Off Disney’

The duo had a picture-perfect reunion

The “cutest class couple” on the S.S. Tipton just reunited for a seriously #GloUp photoshoot.

While the biggest Suite Life on Deck ship of all is clearly Cailey, the canonical ship between Woody (Matthew Timmons) and Addison (Rachael Kathryn Bell) — known as Woodison — is still beloved among fans. Remember when the two finally shared their first kiss in the prom episode, after Woody practiced his kissing on a slab of ham, of course?

Well, Woodison shippers rejoice! On Tuesday (April 25), Woody and Addison shared a sweet new photoshoot with Abstract Charms and photographer Alivia Latimer. Timmons posted the pic on social media and referred to his former co-star as “the all time 4eva bae.”

Of course, this isn't the first time Timmons and Bell have reunited for photoshoots. They hung out late last year and back in February. Yeah, if we could have more Woody and Addison reunions, that would be great. Heck, toss in the rest of the On Deck gang for good measure. The finale's sixth anniversary is next month; perfect time for a mega reunion!