Remember Mr. Pookie From 'Even Stevens'? He’s Still In The Stevens Family, Apparently

But he's not BFFs with Ren anymore

Mr. Pookie Stevens was only in one episode of the Disney show Even Stevens, but he left a ~lasting~ impact. The Season 3 episode "Where in the World is Pookie Stevens?" involved Louis (Shia LaBeouf) holding a garage sale to earn cash for a drum set, but he sold Ren's (Christy Carlson Romano) beloved stuffed monkey by mistake.

Not taking the news well, Ren was visibly upset her BFF was now MIA, prompting her family to launch a search party for the stuffed animal, complete with skywriting. After Louis found Mr. Pookie at a pawn shop, he spent his drum set money to get it back for his sister. D'aww.

That episode turned 14 years old last Tuesday (March 1) and it looks like Mr. Pookie found a new home away from Ren. He's now BFFs with Donnie Stevens, a.k.a. Nick Spano.

"Pookie's first road trip," Spano captioned on Instagram. "I've had to endure 3 hours of Bette Milder's 'Wind Beneath My Wings' blaring in my ear." Guess that's Mr. Pookie's song of choice? Who knew?

Spano also shared other cute pics of the two of them hanging out like a couple of bros.

"I've had this monkey on my back," teased Spano, as a few Instagram commenters freaked out that Mr. Pookie was, ahem, alive and well.

They clearly had some boys' nights out from time to time.

"That moment you realize that Pookie has a problem." It appears Mr. Pookie has had some dark days since his breakout (and only) role on Even Stevens.

But were sure to make time for reading.

I gotta say, Mr. Pookie's choice in literature is quite an eye-opener. Never pegged him for a Nietzsche reader, but to each his own.

And if you're wondering if this is THE Mr. Pookie, it seems to be, since both are missing their right eye. Although, how Donnie ended up with him instead of Ren is a very good question.

Disney / Nick Spano/Instagram

Even Stevens

While we're a little bummed Ren and Mr. Pookie are no more, we're glad he's still part of the Stevens family. I seriously hope Spano and his sock puppet recreate this iconic moment, though. (Hint, hint.)


Even Stevens

Moreover, I feel like it should be pointed out Pretty Little Liars actor Sean Faris, who played Detective Gabriel Holbrook, was the reason Mr. Pookie was temporarily lost in the first place.

Scott Brooks (Faris) was coming over for a study date with Ren, and she didn't want him to see she still had a stuffed animal. This prompted her to hide Mr. Pookie in her closet, which he then fell into her laundry hamper and accidentally ended up in the garage sale. So, thanks a lot, Scott.

Disney / Freeform

Sean Faris

Don't worry, Ren. Mr. Pookie is safe and sound with your big bro Donnie, listening to Bette Midler and drinking alcohol like a MF boss.


Even Stevens

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