JoJo And Keke Palmer Blast Tinder In 'The Millennial Bachelorette'

Nothing says love like 'lukewarm emotional investment'

It’s days like today when you realize there are two types of people in the world: Those who are PSYCHED about a new season of The Bachelorette beginning tonight, and those who frankly couldn’t give a fuck. For the latter population, Funny or Die has made a hilarious spoof dubbed The Millennial Bachelorette that pokes fun at both the reality TV series and at the Tinder generation’s abysmal dating habits.

Scream Queens actress Keke Palmer stars as Micole (no, that’s not a typo), a twenty-something singleton who’s looking for her dream man. Or, you know, a temporary “non-exclusive soulmate.”

“I’m really confident the guy who I’ll eventually go grab drinks with once work stuff clears up is in here. Probably,” she tells the group of (all white) men. “Look, my parents are coming in next week and none of y’all are really my type, but we’ll make it work!”

Singer JoJo also makes a hilarious cameo at the end of the vid, making light of the fact that ABC’s new bachelorette is also named JoJo. As for her ideal qualities in a man? “I’m just looking for someone to get close to and then slowly distance myself from as I prioritize my career.” Too real, JoJo. Too real.