Will 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Finally Make Luke Skywalker A Badass?


With much pretty no official information coming from the set of "Star Wars: Episode VII," fans have obsessed over little clues. Take this Instagram photo of Mark Hamill for instance.

All right. He's beardy, for sure. This is definitely the scruffiest-looking nerf herder Luke Skywalker we've ever seen. What could this possibly mean for "Episode VII"?

Honestly, it doesn't reveal anything, as much as it confirms what everyone already thought. Luke, now an older Jedi, will probably take on the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi, so that means beard. But there's one thing we can definitely say about "Episode VII" based on this one picture of Mark Hamill: Luke Skywalker has never looked cooler.

It's a flaw of the original trilogy. [Dodges thrown knife.] Luke Skywalker was never that cool. [Deflects tossed rotten vegetables.] Sure, he's the hero of the saga, but Han Solo was always the dangerous one. Luke only really got cool once he showed up to Jabba's palace in a black robe wielding his new green lightsaber.

Now we're 30 years down the line. This Luke has seen some sh--, and if story rumors are to be believed, he's been through some hard times.

This isn't the boy from Tatooine anymore. He was ground zero for the new Jedi order, having to start from scratch, and now he's old. That, I imagine, builds a lot of character.

There's obviously still the possibility that everything going on with "Episode VII" could completely and utterly suck, but if this is where we're picking up with Luke (and I don't think my speculation is that wild) that's intriguing to me.

So who knows? Maybe "Episode VII" will kick off a trilogy full of weathered, badass Luke. Can it? Please?