Save The Princess! The Donkey Kong World Record Was Beaten Twice In One Day

We will never be this good at arcade games...

First things first: there exists a Donkey Kong Online Open. And at the Donkey Kong Online Open 2015, organized by, the Donkey Kong world record was shattered, not once, but twice!

Competitor Wes Copeland registered a total score of 1,170,500, knocking Robbie Lakeman out of the record-holder position. Lakeman, not to be bested, came back six hours later and tossed a metaphorical barrel at Copeland, reclaiming his Donkey Kong throne with a score of 1,172,100.

The scores are awaiting verification from Twin Galaxies, the world authority on video game records. If they are, Copeland will become the first gamer to score 1.1 million in Donkey Kong on his first guy.

"He was able to sacrifice his three extra men on the final barrel screen, essentially making this a near perfect game," Twin Galaxies said.

Copeland and Lakeman will face off again at the Twin Galaxies Entertainment Festival in October. Who will best the beast to save the princess?! Who knew Donkey Kong could be so exciting?!

Check out a videos of Copeland's run:

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