Taylor Swift Talks 'Fearless' Re-Release, New Songs

'I guess 'cause my songs were so personal, people were able to relate to them,' she says of her success.

[artist id="2389485"]Taylor Swift[/artist] is still [article id="1625493"]breaking records with her self-titled debut album[/article]. But her latest album Fearless -- which she just [article id="1624732"]re-released last week[/article] -- is also still resonating with audiences. It's been incredibly successful and launched Swift into the mainstream pop-music stratosphere. Swift appreciates all the success and attributes it to the honesty she shows in her songwriting.

"I think with Fearless and with my first album, I've just written songs about what I go through. I was a teenager in the music industry and so you have a lot of people pitching you songs that are kind of older than what you've been through," she explained to MTV News. "But I always kind of insisted on writing my own songs and writing songs about the period of time I was actually going through in life."

She explains that for her, it's not about looking ahead for material -- it's about seeing what's going on right there in front of you. "I write in real time. I try not to go too far ahead of myself," she said. "I guess 'cause my songs were so personal, people were able to relate to them."

Many fan favorites are found on the album, but she has included new songs, such as the bright "Jump Then Fall." "It's really bouncy and happy and lovey," she said. "It's got this really cool banjo part that's, like, bouncy and ... I don't know, it just has a really good feel-good vibe to me."

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