'Avatar' Star Sam Worthington 'Would Kill to Play Captain America'

It's the understatement of the year to say that reactions were mixed when I posted a story last week wondering aloud about "Avatar" star Sam Worthington's choice of clothing during MTV's live "Avatar" Q&A event. The actor, who starred in the recent "Terminator: Salvation" and will play Perseus in the upcoming "Clash of the Titans" remake, was seen wearing an "Avengers" shirt — so with tongue firmly planted in cheek, I asked whether it could be possible Worthington was campaigning for a role in "The Avengers" or "Captain America" movies.

The response was, to put it mildly, pretty polarizing. Some sites seemed to get the joke and play along, others took the post a little too seriously — but in the end, it certainly kicked off discussion of whether the Australian actor could (or should) play one of Marvel's heroes.

Cue the recent "Avatar" junket, and Worthington's arrival at the interview wearing a Captain America t-shirt...

"I'm a fan, mate. That's what it really is," laughed Worthington when asked about the shirt.

However, the actor's criticism of all the sudden "Avengers" attention wasn't directed at being connected to the role — but instead at all the bloggers who were quick to dismiss him as a candidate.

"All the bloggers dive in and go, 'He's Australian! Damn him, he can't play [Captain America]!'" he told MTV News.

"I 'm a fan. I'm a fan of comics. I'm a fan of Captain America," he explained. "I know they're making the film — but this is my way of saying, 'Go on and make it then, hurry up!'"

And here's where the conversation entered weird waters, folks. While Worthington said he hasn't talked to anyone at Marvel, he indicated that he has more than a passing interest in playing Marvel's red, white and blue hero.

"As I said, I think I'd be lynched if I played the role, but I'd kill to play it," he said. "There's a headline on the MTV blog: 'Sam Worthington Would Kill To Play Captain America.'"

"I can read it now," he laughed, considering the response he expects to receive if he actively campaigned for the role. "'I don't think so, he can't hold an accent!' — but I can hold a shield, that's for sure! Go watch Perseus!"

So, there you have it, readers — the scoop straight from Worthington, with a headline I'm sure he'll enjoy.

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