'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Is Back: 9 Things We Need To See In Season 9

'KUWTK' kicks off Sunday (January 19), but were cameras rolling on Kardashian babies and breakups?

It's hard to believe it's been seven years since we were first introduced to Kim, Kourtney, Khloé and the rest of the Kardashians, but on Sunday (January 19), (almost) everyone's favorite reality-show family will invite viewers back into their lives for the ninth season of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

A lot has happened since last season eight of "KUWTK," from babies, to marriage proposals to breakups, which guarantees that there'll be no shortage of memorable, dramatic and emotional moments throughout the season. But how much will we actually see?

With so many questions surrounding these upcoming episodes, we rounded up nine story lines we hope the E! cameras were rolling for!

Kanye's Surprise Proposal

We've seen photos and some short clips of the leaked Kimye engagement video, but now Kanye is ready to show viewers just how he pulled off one of the most over-the-top proposals of all time.

West popped the question to Kim back in October at AT&T Park. We want to see all the planning that went into it, how her family and friends reacted when the words "PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!" flashed across a Jumbotron, and most importantly Kim's face when Kanye got down on one and slipped a 15-carat ring on her finger.

Baby North Being Adorable

Kimye have only shared a handful of photos of their seven-month-old daughter, North, the latest being the adorable shots Kim showed off on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." But come Sunday, there's a chance we'll see baby Nori's "cute personality" in action. We also want proof of what a hands-on dad Yeezus is, even if he's not into the whole diaper-changing thing.

The Stories Behind The Selfies

There's no denying that Kim's body looks better than ever and she's made it loud and clear that she worked for those toned abs. From that white-hot bathing suit booty shot to the "belfies," featuring her friend Blac Chyna, the reality star's Instagram is filled with tributes to her post-baby body. Now we just want a peek at her workout regimen, including some tips!

Kourtney Stripping Down

Kim isn't the only one losing the baby weight, big sister Kourtney has also been working hard on her bikini body too. Apparently she's taken on some unique tactics: She posted a photo on Instagram, captioned "naked yoga." We have a feeling that episode, and any episode that features Scott doing something fabulous, may see a ratings spike.

Jenner Sisters Dating Boy-Banders, Movie Stars

The Jenner sisters have kept us guessing the past few months about their respective relationship statuses. While Kendall was spotted hitting the ski slopes with One Direction's Harry Styles, little sister Kylie has been seen on red carpets with Jaden Smith. Hopefully, this season answers the question of "are they or aren't they?" Maybe even throw in a cameo or two from the boys.

The End Of Khloé & Lamar

2013 couldn't have been easy for the youngest Kardashian sister. Her four-year marriage to former NBA star Lamar Odom came to an end and Odom made tabloid headlines for much of the year. Khloé alluded to problems on the last season of "KUWTK," but will she reveal the truth behind the breakup and clear up all the reports, including those about Odom's recent run-ins with the law and rumored cheating?

Kris And Bruce Call It Quits

A split we're sure to see unfold this season is between momager Kris and husband Bruce Jenner. Last season, Bruce moved into his own Malibu beach pad, which set rumors swirling that the two were headed for a permanent separation. In October, speculation turned into a reality as they announced the end of their 22 year marriage.

According to Kris, cameras were present the moment they broke the news to their family: "We sat down and talked to them and said this is how we're feeling," she has said.

Kris The Kougar

Now that Kris is a single lady, and has been "celebrating life" with more than a few bathing suit pics on Instagram, fans want to know if the 58-year-old has really been dating the 31-year-old former star of ABC's "The Bachelor," Ben Flajnik. Kris claims they're just good friends, but viewers are anxious to see if Flajnik, or any other possible suitor, will make an appearance.

Rob Back In "Beast Mode"

Last season, Rob Kardashian's struggles with his weight impacted him so much that he opted out of some family functions, including Kyle's televised 16th birthday party. But he seems to be on a health kick lately. The youngest Kardashian, who continues to work on his sock line, Arthur George, has taken to Twitter to let everyone know he's in "beast mode," hitting the gym and getting back in shape.

What are you hoping to see on "KUWTK"? Let us know in the comments!