Best of the Worst: 'How Far Is Tattoo Far?' Is Counting Down Its Most 'Cringeworthy' Ink

A new special, 'Top 10 Cringeworthy Tattoos,' airs on May 16

A brand-new special is looking back on all the times that MTV’s How Far is Tattoo Far? went, well, too far.

Top 10 Cringeworthy Tattoos, airing on May 16 (tomorrow!), will feature the most unforgettable ink from Season 1 of the show, which features friends, family members and couples designing body art for each other that isn’t revealed until after they’ve been permanently marked. Among the past jaw-droppers? That time Bahiyud appeared with his apparently outspoken cousin/roomie Raven.

“Raven’s always saying stuff at the wrong time,” he tells hosts Nico Tortorella and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi in the clip, below. “That mouth of hers is always getting her in trouble.”

With that in mind, Bahiyud chose a very special tattoo for his cuz: a pile of, um, sh*t coming out of a mouth. Because, you know, she’s a sh*t-talker.

Raven was none too pleased, but what happened after their episode was filmed? Did the two make amends, or is their family bond broken? Watch the clip to find out, then catch Top 10 Cringeworthy Tattoos tomorrow at 9/8c. And get ready for the return of How Far Is Tattoo Far? on Thursday, May 23 at 9/8c.

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