'Batman Vs. Superman': A Closer Look At The New Batsuit

We're very big fans.

Now that the first photo has debuted, it's clear that for his take on the Caped Crusader, Zack Snyder really wants to bring Batman back toward the darker vigilante comic book fans know from the work of Frank Miller.


When Snyder announced the meeting of Batman and Superman back at San Diego Comic-Con 2013, he used a quote from Miller's iconic run to tease what he hoped to achieve with his "Man of Steel" follow-up.

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Just a passing glance at the new Batsuit, with its stubbier ears, large emblem and gauntlet-like gloves, that this is the Batman from "The Dark Knight Returns."


Batman's suit obviously plays into that, but also the man beneath it. Soon after Ben Affleck joined the movie, there were rumors floating around that he had already started to bulk up. Those rumors now appear to be very, very true. While Christian Bale wasn't exactly lean during his tenure as Bruce Wayne, Affleck is built like a bulldog.


Since Snyder took the first photo in a low-contrast monochrome, many of the other details in the Batsuit are hard to make out. It's possible that the main portion of the costume falls in line with the "Dark Knight Returns" gray aesthetic, but we'll have to wait for a color photo.

The suit itself has a texture that looks almost sinewy. Random scratches in the texture hint at the description of a worn-down Batman that we've been hearing for some time now. The scuffs even extend to the symbol on his chest. This Batman has seen some hard times.


His belt is a good deal blockier than any Batman before, making it probably the most practical to date. You can also just barely make out blades along his forearms.

The reaction to the suit thus far has been positive, but this is a comic book movie we're talking about. By the time you read this, there may already be backlash to the backlash.

The reveal is definitely timed with the start of production as an attempt to preempt leaks, so expect even more from "Batman Vs. Superman" in the coming days.

The untitled "Man of Steel" sequel is scheduled to his theaters on May 6, 2016.

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