Summer Walker And Usher Are Denizens Of The Night In 'Come Thru'

Somehow, it feels like it's 1997 again

Summer Walker has finally released the video for "Come Thru," her collaboration with Usher that appears on her debut studio album, Over ItEchoes of Usher's video for his 1997 hit song, "You Make Me Wanna," which this song samples, can be felt in its fascination with bright colors. It's almost impossible to describe how sexy and sleek that "Come Thru" is.

Walker is the queen of serving looks. As smoke blows around her in the dead of night, she sits perched on a car. We see a bunch of scenes including her on the back of a motorcycle at peace, relaxing as her partner drives her to a place of comfort. Usher pops in halfway through to show that he's never ever going to miss a step.

He breaks into some patented silky choreography that's distinctly Usher, smooth enough to fit in in either 2020 or 1997. It lends to the feeling that the video itself exudes: a sexy and timeless creation about finding comfort in the night and what comes with it.

Walker dropped Over It last October. The LP featured her breakout single, "Girls Need Love (Remix)" with its legendary Drake appearance, "Playing Games," and more. In November, Walker scaled down her First and Last Tour because of social anxiety so that she could get some peace of mind.

Watch her link up with Usher in the clip above.