Rihanna Inspired Lena Dunham’s New ‘Tit Chandelier’ Tattoo

Can’t blame her, tbh

Let the record show that Lena Dunham really, really, really loves Rihanna lately. (As she should, obviously.) She rocks Fenty x Puma kicks. She dances like nobody's watching at her shows. She would "do literally anything" for the pop star.

This time around, it turns out "anything" means "inking a design on my body forever that's in exactly the same place as Riri's boob tat."

On Thursday (March 2), Dunham shared a selfie featuring her brand new artwork: an intricate, black rendering of what she affectionately refers to as a "tit chandelier." (I can see it, tbh.)

She shouts out her artist, Oslo's own Trine Grimm, and thanks her for not calling her out for the blatant Rihanna-inspired locale of the tattoo. "This is my first original piece by a female tattoo artist and it felt sacred and cool and she didn't chide me for copying @badgalriri's placement," she wrote on Instagram.

There's fandom, and then there's fandom. Dunham gets all the itals for this one.