7 Adorable Sloth GIFs That Are Sure To Make Kristen Bell Cry

You're welcome for the feels!

A little over two years ago, Kristen Bell told us all a magical story on "Ellen" about meeting her very first sloth at her own birthday party. This, of course, was a big deal, because sloths are frickin' adorable -- and so is Kristen Bell when she gets very excited.

Today (July 18) Kristen Bell is celebrating yet another birthday, and while MTV doesn't have a sloth that we can physically send her (because let's face it, if we get access to a sloth then we are totally not gonna share), we do have these GIFs of sloths being cute AF -- AND we know just how she'd probably react to each and every one of them. Observe!

This adorable sloth yawning...

sloth yawning

Will probably make Kristen feel like:

krister mars

This baby sloth wants a close-up...

sloth baby

Which will probably make Kristen go:

Kristen 1

This sloth is getting a bath:

Animal Planet

sloth bath

So is Kristen. IN TEARS:

kristen shower tears

Then there's this sloth who totally sticks the landing:

sloth falling

First Kristen would laugh, but then she'd be all:

kristen laugh cry

She'd probably feel bad for laughing, too. It's okay, girl, that sloth's probably fine!

This little baby sloth all swaddled in pajamas:

Animal Planet

sloth pajamas

Will probably make Kristen say:

Kristin ruined

Seriously, WHO gave you the RIGHT to be so cute???

This sloth is trying to get help crossing the road...


Kristen would probably be stuck in her car like:

kristin car

And this sloth who wants to give Kristen a flower...

sloth flower

Will totally just wreck Kristen emotionally:

kristin excited

Happy birthday, Kristen! Please have tissues handy.

kristen sloth

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