If You're Scared Of Graveyards, Don't Watch Noah Cyrus's New Video

'Again' is trippy and haunting at the same time

Noah Cyrus is ready for Halloween, judging from her latest song and music video, released Friday (September 22). "Again"— a slow-burning love song featuring rapper XXXTentacion — takes place in a spooky graveyard, of all places. Noah takes a casual stroll between tombstones as she sings her heart out about a tormented relationship.

"You just made the worst mistake / And you'll regret it, darling," she warns in the first verse, and things only escalate from there. XXXTentacion later hops on with equally dramatic lyrics: "Somewhere in between in love and broken, I'm in hell."

"Again" is the fifth release off NC-17, Noah's upcoming debut album. An official release date hasn't been announced yet, but your girl's been churning out new songs all year. She sang "Stay Together" at the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards, and more recently, performed "Make Me (Cry)" ahead of the VMAs. Right this moment, she's on the road with Katy Perry, opening Witness: The Tour. Not bad for an artist who dropped her first song less than a year ago.

"You should do the sound that you want and not what others want," Cyrus previously told MTV News about the lessons she's learned from her famous family. "I think that if you love yourself and the way that you’re doing the music, then you’re doing something right, and that’s something that they’ve always done."