Niall Horan Celebrates 'Flicker''s Release With An Acoustic Cut Of The Title Track

More romance! More soft light! More feelings!

Niall Horan has definitely committed to a soft, steel-strung, acoustic-leaning musical aesthetic for his debut solo album, Flicker. His videos are adhering to a similar visual vibe, too, thanks to their warm, dusty glow. (That, and they all look like they were filmed through Instagram's Stinson filter. Not mad at it.)

Hours before Flicker's October 20 release, Horan shared an intimate version of the title track that banks on little more than lovely strings and gorgeous piano lines. Similar to "Too Much To Ask" before it, "Flicker" is all sensitivity and hope for holding onto a love that Horan has nearly lost.

An Apple Music film came out alongside Flicker to detail the creation of the work, so consider this vid a taste of what's to come as we get to know the album in the coming weeks. The video stays true to the heart-clutching sincerity of the track — and the whole album, frankly — so congrats to Horan on flipping the page of this next, soft light-strewn chapter.

Happy Flicker Friday, y'all.

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